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@loveme_lims - fashion lims

don't you just love it? :)

~ love me lims
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a fashion lims community
loveme_lims! <3 ~

what is a lims? it's an icons competition. every week, the mods will post a challenge. after 5 days, a voting goes on and people chose the best and the worst icons. the icon/icon maker with more negative votes is eliminated and it continues until there's only one icon maker standing. think Survivor for icon makers.

rules a) Icons must fit LJ standarts: 100x100, lighter than 40kb. b) You may not share your icon or announce which icon is yours anywhere until voting is over. If I you do so, you will automatically be disqualified. c) You must have your icon in by the due date or you will be disqualified unless you have a skip. d) All icons must be brand new and made by you.